Welcome Laurel, Angora Snood and Yellow Brick Cold Cowl

June 3rd, 2013

There are a bunch of new patterns in the shop,which is always a great thing, but I have to admit that two of them (at least) are terribly out of season. Oh well, If you don’t mind knitting way ahead of winter, you’ll be in good shape. First, the seasonally-appropriate Laurel by Colette Patterns:

This pretty pattern is super simple and can be a blouse or a shift dress. One version has instructions for an underlining so you can use sheer fabrics and another skips the underlining for fabrics that just don’t need it.

See, this one’s pretty out of season, but still it would be a delight to knit this summer—airy and soft—especially if you were somewhere enjoying the shade or air conditioning. In any case, you’ll thank your summertime self when winter comes around again and you are both stylish and warm.

Ditto here on the seasonality, but just look at that pretty thing! And did I mention that both of the cowls are free patterns? Nice, huh?

Happy crafting!

Oh so cute

May 31st, 2013

Look at these adorable patterns from Cynthia Treen (author of Last-Minute Fabric Gifts, a truly fantastic book). I mean, don’t you just want to pretend to make one of them for a child (who is at least three years old, for safety reasons) but then keep it on display somewhere safe so you can admire your amazing work on a regular basis? I know I do.

Happy sewing!