Whew! THAT took forever…

But hey, it’s ready now, just in time for Fall knitting, so that’s good, right?

And isn’t that perhaps the cutest model ever?

Please stop by the shop and buy a copy – and then share your pictures!

Happy knitting!

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  1. Bridgemor says:

    Not sure what section of the country you live in but there is a weaver in the north east, not sure which stare, the name of her blog is “Crazy as Loom”. She has all kinds of weaves in her studio and has been known to give lessons. Her health is not at peak right now so I don’t know what her schedule is. She also has other weaver links listed on her site as well.
    Linked to your sight from SouleMama

    • mama magpie says:

      Thanks so much Bridgemor! I’m in the Northwest, but I’m hopeful that someday soon I’ll have the time to sign up for a class at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. I love their campus – very wooded and lovely. (Plus it’s really close to my house.) :)

  2. Sheril says:

    This is an adorable sweater. I have been looking for a pattern for my little boys. This might be perfect. I have been looking through your shop and you really have a great collection of patterns. So excited.

  3. Tiphaine says:

    did you move again ??
    I miss reading you….

    • mama magpie says:

      Aren’t you a sweetheart! I haven’t moved and don’t have a good excuse for abandoning my little blog. But now that I know you’ll read my posts if I start up again, I have a good reason to get back in the groove! :)

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